Merino wool is very delicate, so to help retain its pristine cloud-like look and super softness it needs to be handled gently. Below we have some guidelines to follow to keep your blanket looking and feeling like new for years to come.

To start with, keep in mind that these blankets are tender and therefore need some extra TLC. Try to keep your blanket away from areas where it may get stained and avoid letting it come into contact with abrasive and synthetic materials such as velvet. Keep it around soft and natural materials. 

Over time some pilling and shedding will occur naturally with use, however this can be fixed quite easily. With your hand, simply pinch the part that’s pilling and pull it in the same direction as the wool. Be careful not to pull too much though. We do not recommend using any type of device to shave the pilling as it may damage the blanket. 

Your blanket will also inevitably attract dust, lint, pet hair (if you have them) and potentially get a deformed stitch. To take care of this, pick your blanket up and give it a vigorous shake. Most of what has stuck to it will come off and it should fix those deformed stitches too. 

Lastly, if you ever spill anything on your blanket DO NOT ever put it in a washing machine; the blanket will felt and lose its softness. Instead, immediately run the stained section gently under cold water until the product is gone. Then lightly squeeze (don’t wring) that area between two clean towels. After this, lay it on a clean and flat surface to air out and flip it periodically until it is completely dry.